Gen2® Family

Innovation for All

Adds value to any setting

The new Gen2 Family's blend of convenience, style and performance adds value to any setting.

Gen2 Life

The first in the series, the Gen2 Life elevator is the heart of residential and commercial buildings, moving tenants seamlessly through their days. Building upon the technologies and energy-efficient performance you know and trust, we've added integrated systems and exclusive design capabilities that make passengers' routines exceptional.

Discover what makes the Gen2 Life elevator exceptional Gen2 Life

Gen2 Stream

For demanding commercial and hospitality buildings, the Gen2 Stream elevator keeps passengers on the move.

Gen2 Life

Gen2 Care

Designed for hospitals and medical facilities, the Gen2 Care elevator creates a comfortable environment that informs and soothes.

Gen2 Life

Gen2 Carry

In industrial settings, the Gen2 Carry elevator reliably handles the transportation of materials, machinery and other forms of freight.

Gen2 Life